MilTribe and Got Your 6 Partner In Support of #ShesBadass Campaign

Campaign highlights women veterans who defy stereotypes

SAN ANTONIO (May 1, 2017) – The military-only marketplace MilTribe and veteran empowerment organization Got Your 6 announce a partnership to celebrate the accomplishments of women veterans throughout Military Appreciation Month. The social media campaign, #ShesBadass, is designed to focus on the women who served in the U.S. military and their impact in communities across the country.

“Women have played major roles in the military throughout our nation’s history, including in Iraq, Afghanistan,” said Iraq War veteran and Got Your 6 Director of Content Kate Hoit. ”Unfortunately, their accomplishments are often overlooked after they return to civilian life. By highlighting their service and their stories through #ShesBadass, we are helping to ensure they are not erased from our history.”

#ShesBadass was developed by Got Your 6 in an effort to call attention to the changing face of the American veteran. Women now total almost 11 percent of all veterans, including 20 percent of veterans under the age of 50.

Additionally, the #ShesBadass campaign breaks through the women veteran stereotypes. For example, after exiting the military, women veterans are more likely to attend and complete higher education degrees compared to their male veteran or civilian counterparts; have higher average incomes than non-veterans ($54,000 vs. $44,000); and are more likely to work in management roles and professions compared to their non-veteran counterparts.

“Partnering with Got Your 6, an organization that works tirelessly to ensure veterans are portrayed in the best and most accurate light, is an honor for us,” MilTribe CEO Tim Kaufeldt said. “We know women veterans are inspiring, bring great value to their employers and are incredibly goal oriented. We’re proud to support Got Your 6 and our women veterans through this campaign.”

One such story to be featured during the campaign is that of Kirstie Ennis. She is a veteran who found a new passion, while defying odds, after her retirement. Ennis served six years in the U.S. Marine Corps, including as a helicopter door gunner and airframes mechanic on the CH-53 platforms. While in Afghanistan, her helicopter went down, and one of her many injuries resulted in an above the knee amputation. This did not stop Ennis. She decided to conquer climbing Mount Kilimanjaro while raising funds to provide water to those in need.

Followers are encouraged to share their stories and the stories of the women veterans they know by using the #ShesBadass hashtag and visiting Got Your 6’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. To learn more, visit

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