Got Your 6: Thank a Veteran by Voting in November

Veteran empowerment campaign launches voter portal on National Voter Registration Day

WASHINGTON (Sept. 27, 2016) – To kick off National Voter Registration Day, veteran empowerment campaign Got Your 6 launched a voter registration portal powered by TurboVote to challenge all Americans to participate in the U.S. democratic process. The site,, allows users to receive election reminders, get registered to vote, and apply for absentee ballots.

“From the forests of Western Europe to the mountains of Afghanistan and the deserts of Iraq, over the decades U.S. service members have fought to liberate and bring democracy to hundreds of millions of people across the world. This Election Day, thank a veteran by actively participating in our democratic process,” said Iraq War veteran and Got Your 6 Executive Director Bill Rausch.

During last night’s CNN presidential debate at Hofstra University, at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, and throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Got Your 6 has been uniting veterans, the military community, and the American public as the nation elects a new Commander in Chief. As a nonpartisan organization created to inspire veterans to lead a resurgence of community across the country, Got Your 6 has issued challenges to all Americans this election cycle.

Got Your 6’s Challenge To Veterans And The Military Community

  • Participate in the electoral process—whether by registering and committing to vote, volunteering for a campaign, working at a local polling place, or running for state or local office.
  • Engage candidates on policy issues that impact the lives and welfare of veterans and military service members. Any candidate running for federal, state, or local office should be challenged to clearly define his or her policy stances on issues of importance to veterans.
  • Educate the country about the value of veterans as civic assets. Veterans’ commitment to service has not faltered. It is time to change the narrative of the “broken” or “damaged” veteran by showcasing and highlighting actual veteran leaders serving their communities.

Got Your 6’s Challenge To The American Public

  • Register to vote now and voting in November. Regardless of background or political leanings, all Americans can unite around a common goal of increasing political engagement across the country. Without a broad level of involvement, the strength of our democracy is unsustainable. In Nov. 2012, America’s voting turnout was a mere 57.5 percent of the eligible voting public. This year, we can and should do better.
  • Encourage public dialogue. Challenge candidates to outline their plans for supporting and empowering our veterans. Catalyzing real debate on policy issues that impact the lives and welfare of veterans and military service members is a great way to champion that population.
  • Engage family, friends, and neighbors in the electoral process. American democracy is premised on community-level strength. Talk to neighbors about registering to vote, meet those running for local office, volunteer for a campaign or candidate, or carpool to the polling place this November.

“I deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in May of 2006 on the heels of the December 2005 Iraqi election. I met with so many Iraqis who proudly showed me photos of themselves and their families holding up their purple fingers on Election Day. These men and women faced down roadside bombs, suicide bombers, and snipers to participate in their democracy with 80 percent turnout. Over the past 100 years, Americans have not even come close to that level of turnout. We can do better. We should do better. We will do better!” Rausch concluded.

Democracy Works, Inc. announced yesterday that Got Your 6 was added to its second round of corporate and nonprofit partners to join the TurboVote Challenge, aimed at achieving 80 percent voter turnout in the United States. To see a brief of some of the strategies being implemented by Challenge members, visit

To receive election reminders, get registered to vote, or apply for an absentee ballot, visit

About Got Your 6
Got Your 6 is a national campaign dedicated to empowering veterans and strengthening communities across the nation. The campaign unites cross-sector partners who believe that veterans are uniquely suited to tackle society’s most pressing challenges. Got Your 6 believes that veterans are best served when they continue their service here at home. As a coalition, Got Your 6 integrates these perspectives into popular culture, brings together veterans and non-veterans in order to foster understanding, and empowers veterans to lead a resurgence of community here at home.