National Veteran Campaign Achieves Impressive Results in Inaugural Year, Announces Macy’s “American Icons” Partnership and Releases New PSA from Gavin DeGraw

Los Angeles, CA — (May 10, 2013) – Today, the national veteran campaign Got Your 6 celebrates its first anniversary with support from leading national retailer Macy’s. Through its new, spring “American Icons” campaign, which kicks off on May 12th, Macy’s is offering the iconic “Got Your 6” logo pin along with a special savings pass for $6 at their stores across the country or customers can purchase the special savings pass for $3 – both to benefit Got Your 6. Macy’s “American Icons” campaign has the potential to raise $3million to support Got Your 6 and its more than two dozen veteran-focused organizations as they continue the momentum of their first successful year.

The Got Your 6 movement is focused on changing the conversation in America such that veterans and military families are perceived as civic assets and leaders who will reinvigorate our communities. Through a unique partnership with top American entertainment studios, networks, guilds and agencies, more than two dozen national veteran service organizations and nonprofits are able to magnify their message by activating the reach and resources of Hollywood. The campaign’s accomplishments have been bolstered by the ongoing support of the entertainment community and financial industry leader Wells Fargo, along with national activation partner Goodwill Industries.

For the Macy’s program, shoppers can give $3 at any Macy’s register and get a 20/15 percent savings pass for a day they choose or wear their support by purchasing a Got Your 6 pin for $6 and also receive the discount. 100 percent of the purchase price, up to $3 million, will be donated to Got Your 6 and its non-profit partners to empower returning veterans and military families.

“I am humbled not only by the engagement, but by the excitement of the entertainment industry as they have embraced Got Your 6 and our nonprofit partners, helping to make our first year incredibly impactful,” said Chris Marvin, managing director of Got Your 6. “With more than one million service members returning to civilian life over the next three to five years, our journey is not over, but I am confident that, as Got Your 6 continues to work with Hollywood, we can engage the American public to view our returning veterans and their families as leaders and civic assets.”

The support of the entertainment community began with launching a powerful PSA full of top Hollywood celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Bradley Cooper, Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Douglas.

In addition to this star-studded PSA that has been broadcast on average 25 times per day on network and cable channels, superstar musician Gavin DeGraw is releasing his very own show of support through this brand-new PSA (password: Gotyoursix).

The industry has played an important role in achieving each of the campaign’s milestones during the last year by fostering relationships, partnerships and other opportunities for veteran service organizations, campaigns and nonprofits to magnify their reach and impact. Through star-studded events at both Presidential Nomination Conventions, support for a Veterans Day Service Project and week-long Veteran Hiring Initiative, the overwhelming engagement of the entertainment industry has led to many milestones for veterans and military families across the country. Event recaps and photos from the year are available here.

Activating the reach and resources of the entertainment community has been a major component of the campaign’s success from its inception. The progress and milestones of the campaign are many, but some of the highlights include:


Pillar Accomplishments

Hiring our Heroes secured over 800 pledges from business to hire 200,000 veterans and more than 93,000 hires have already been confirmed this year.



The Pat Tillman Foundation and Student Veterans of America have collected over 105 pledges from colleges and universities committing to implement and/or enhance resources, programs and policies to support student veterans in a goal of attaining 500 by June 2014.  



100,000 Homes Campaign and their community partners were able to house over 14,000 chronically homeless veterans in less than a year and have now doubled their commitment with Got Your 6 to help get veterans off the street and back into communities nationwide.



Over 1.5 million hours of volunteer service have been completed through our leadership teams The Mission Continues, Team Rubicon and The 6th Branch.



The Military Child Education Coalition has trained over 46,000 teachers and Blue Star Families is planning to release an e-book on military family reintegration in June in efforts to provide reintegration tools and training to 300,000 military families and 100,000 school educators by December 2014.



Give an Hour will host a major summit in June to kick off its formal strategy to engage and educate 100,000 graduate students in mental health disciplines on the unique issues of veterans and military families.


Before the formal launch of Got Your 6, Hollywood was instrumental in the execution of a massive whisper campaign, resulting in 101 million national media impressions and included mega-celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Ryan Seacrest, Jay Leno, and Conan O’Brien showing their “6” through donning the iconic Got Your 6 lapel pins.

In just one year, Got Your 6 has created a universal fashion trend in the entertainment industry with the iconic Got Your 6 pin seen ubiquitously adorning celebrities across the genres of music, television and film. The “6” pin made appearances at the Oscars, the Presidential Inauguration, the Emmys, talk shows, musical performances and red carpets across the country.

About Got Your 6

Got Your 6 is a campaign designed to change the conversation in America such that veterans and military families are seen as civic assets and leaders who will reinvigorate our community. The campaign combines the reach and resources of the top American entertainment studios, networks, guilds and agencies with the expertise and commitment of more than two dozen non-profit organizations. Through an extensive media footprint and a set of substantial service commitments, Got Your 6 will ensure successful reintegration of veterans into civilian life. For more information, visit Be the Change, Inc., an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, is the organizing body and fiscal sponsor of Got Your 6.