After Election Day, Got Your 6 Calls on Veterans to Unite and Lead Country

WASHINGTON (Nov., 9, 2016) — All throughout this election cycle Got Your 6 and our veteran, military, and family partners have encouraged all Americans to not just thank our veterans, but honor their service and sacrifice by voting. Yesterday we saw our message embraced through a robust turnout of citizens who deeply care about the future of our great country.

We saw, of course, that another way to serve our nation is by running for elected office. Both candidates who ran to serve as our next Commander in Chief should be congratulated for leading hard-fought campaigns. We thank Secretary Clinton for her decades of public service, which we know will not end after last night’s result. We congratulate President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence on their historic victory and welcome their commitment to our service men and women in and out of uniform. We also welcome the record 27 veterans from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq who will continue their public service next year on Capitol Hill.

Since meeting both candidates’ teams at the conventions and debates, we are encouraged and hopeful that both parties and supporters can, as President-elect Trump said last night, “come together as one united people.” Thankfully, the veteran community, which is as diverse as the country we served, is poised to help support in the mission to unify and heal the divisions in this nation.

Given this fact, Got Your 6 is leading by example by inviting both campaigns, their supporters, and, indeed, the entire American people to join us tomorrow at our Storytellers DC event, as we celebrate the power of storytelling and highlight what leadership looks like. Follow along on our livestream at   

We agree that now is the time to bind the wounds of division. We join Secretary Clinton in her hopes that President-elect Trump will be a successful president for all Americans and we owe him an “open mind and a chance to lead.” As a nonpartisan organization, we commit to being a partner to the next administration and the next Congress as we work to empower our veterans to lead a resurgence of community across the country.