Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is the catalyst for the Got Your 6 campaign’s message. A robust awareness campaign fosters understanding and draws attention to the work that the campaign’s nonprofit partners are performing across the country.

The goal of the campaign is to bridge the civilian-military divide, and a major collaborative effort has been established to carry out this unprecedented awareness campaign. The campaign will be brought to the American people though a national publicity effort that brings to bear the assets of Got Your 6’s numerous partners—crossing television, print, radio, and social media platforms.

Got Your 6’s entertainment industry partners are the major studios, networks, and talent agencies in Hollywood. Working together, these companies provide strategic direction and resources critical to the success of the campaign. Executives from each company meet regularly, and the industry leads efforts for media coverage, script integration, events, and the support of talent and executives.

Through the reach and resources the entertainment industry, Got Your 6 speaks to all Americans with the clear message that veterans are leaders and civic assets.