Veterans: America’s Enduring Investment

Posted August 14, 2014

By: Student Veterans of America

Veterans’ essential role in shaping both our economic and education system is undeniable. The Servicemen’s Readjustment Act in 1944 and its successive iterations are widely viewed as being pivotal in the formation of our nation’s middle class. With the aid of this landmark legislation, the members of ‘The Greatest Generation’ showed us that a veteran investment is an enduring investment.

The original GI Bill concluded with 7.8 million of the 16 million World War II veterans participating in education and training programs, nearly half of all servicemembers Backed by this support, returning veterans and their families carved out a new suburban existence through median-level incomes earned in high-demand fields. Their world-class training and focused skillset flourished when invested in through rehabilitation, training, and education programs, and our society has grown strong around the stalwart middle class they built.

And it’s happening again.

That our nation is facing a major influx of returning veterans is well known. How much our economy and communities will change as a result, isn’t. At Student Veterans of America, we say that not only will America change, it will change for the better. Our returning veterans are skilled, focused, and determined, and have the most comprehensive GI Bill yet in their hands.

With veteran unemployment hovering around 9% , and an increasing number of OEF/OIF veterans becoming homeless , we must bridge the gap in services to all veterans, and a veteran-driven middle class resurgence is the jumpstart our recovering workforce needs.

Our work with the Million Records Project showed that when we invest in our veterans, they deliver. Given the opportunity for education, they’re completing on time and at competitive rates, and consistently deliver in high-demand career fields essential to a globally competitive economy. Careers that innovate, build, and transform our country, and round out the middle-class culture that keeps us strong. The dividends are significant when our veterans succeed.

With backing from the Post-9/11 GI Bill, comprehensive peer-based support, and a growing number of advocates on the state and federal levels, our veterans stand poised to again transform our country for the better through stable, median-level positions in fields that frame a picture of lasting prosperity for our country.

An investment in veterans endures to strengthen our economy and our communities. Our veterans have proven themselves steadfast stewards of our welfare, and when entrusted with our future, won’t fail to deliver.

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