President Obama's New Executive Actions Aim to Empower Veterans

Posted August 27, 2014

Written by: Chris Marvin,

Managing Director of Got Your 6

Yesterday at the American Legion’s 96th convention, President Obama announced 19 executive actions to improve services for veterans and military families.

Standing before a room filled with veterans from across the nation and spanning generations, President Obama touted the progress that has been made in recent years—including the number of homeless veterans in America which is now at an all-time low: 49,900—and new programs aimed at empowering those who’ve served in the recent conflicts. The programs highlighted—improving VA care, economic opportunities, reducing veteran homelessness, educating health care providers and teachers, and easing the transition into good-paying jobs—has reaffirmed the Administration’s, federal and local governments, and community partners support for America’s veterans.

As a U.S. Army veteran of the Afghanistan War and someone who has worked closely with today’s veterans, these executive actions will allow those who have served for a more successful reintegration. In fact, several of the initiatives that President Obama outlined fall directly inline with Got Your 6’s six pillars. A few years ago, our nonprofit, federal and local partners made pledges at the Clinton Global Initiative ranging from: employing 500,000 veterans and military spouses; housing 20,000 chronically homeless veterans; educating 100,000 students and professionals on mental health care; training public teachers on the challenges military families face.

As we heard yesterday, the Administration is dedicated to do the same. They are pledging to work with economic communities to ensure veterans have access to jobs; end veteran homelessness by challenging local governments to provide stable housing; launch a web-based PTSD toolkit for registered nurses; work with over 100 higher education institutions to train teachers on the needs of military students.

Ultimately, the collective partnership outlined by President Obama reemphasizes the importance of a unified approach to changing that way, we as a country, bridge the civilian-military divide. Together, we can advance the conversation, so that veterans and military families are seen as leaders and civic assets in their communities.

The movement to empower veterans and their families doesn’t just start at the White House. By coordinating our efforts we have the ability to provide opportunities and services to today’s veterans.

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