TR Deploys to South Sudan and Haiti

Posted June 27, 2012

The Situation in South Sudan
Team Rubicon will be working alongside our friends at the International Medical Corps (IMC) in response to the over 35,000 refugees who have poured over the border to South Sudan from Sudan’s war-torn Blue Nile state in recent weeks. Increasingly malnourished, exhausted and sick, they are arriving to overcrowded and ill-prepared sites that aid agencies fear could run out of water and be cut off by rains very soon.

Team Rubicon volunteers will pair up with IMC staff already in South Sudan to establish humanitarian aid in a refugee camp estimated to receive upwards of 30,000 refugees in the coming weeks.

TR is deploying a team of water and sanitary health (WASH) specialists, combat engineers, and medical personnel in support of the development of much needed humanitarian infrastructure for the overwhelmed camp.

Depending on the situation on the ground, TR is prepared to continuously send teams for the next six month to South Sudan to augment IMC’s efforts there.

The Mission in Haiti
With the 2010 earthquake a distant memory in the minds of many, Port-au-Prince is still struggling to get back on its feet. We’re proud to partner with Global DIRT, another fantastic veteran-run disaster relief non-profit, to do our part in helping them develop a comprehensive emergency management system (EMS) for the city.

Our goal is to train 30 two man motorcycle ambulance teams, capable of providing first response medicine and medevac to the citizens of Port-au-Prince.

TR and Global DIRT will run a military-style training program for the motorcycle medic teams, complete with physical training, personal defense, and medical training.

Thank You!

We would like to continue to emphasize our gratitude to you, our donor. Without you, our grassroots efforts would not be possible.  Take pride in knowing you have enabled something special!