The Month of the Military Child

Posted April 9, 2013

-Military Child Education Coalition

April is the Month of the Military Child. Each year at this time our nation recognizes the contribution that the military child makes as their parent or parents serve either on Active Duty or in the Reserve components of the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard. After twelve years of war, though our country is eager to turn its attention elsewhere, the acknowledgement of this very special group of children is more important than ever.

Today, there are nearly two million military-connected children. As students, they move and change schools about three times more frequently than their civilian classmates. They live with the challenges presented by not only frequent moves, but parental deployments, and a host of life transitions that include reintegration and, for too many, the return of a profoundly changed parent. More than 900,000 of these children have had a parent deploy multiple times and more than 44,700 children are living with a parent’s wound, injury, illness, or death. For most military-connected children, they have known the meaning of war and felt the impacts of it on their family throughout their young lives. In their own way, they too, serve our country.

The month of April is a perfect time to pause and acknowledge their sacrifices, resilience, and strength of character. Whether it is by public proclamations, special activities and events, or simply a few kind words spoken to a military-connected child, we encourage everyone to seek out opportunities to express appreciation for these remarkable children.

We believe that our country’s future depends on our collaborative effort to grow qualified, well-educated citizens who will selflessly serve and contribute to our nation’s best interest. As we look to the future, these military-connected children and youth are worthy of recognition now.

…for the sake of the child.