Team Rubicon – Operation: Starting Gun Update

Posted June 10, 2013

Team Rubicon’s Operation: Starting Gun has been in effect since May 21st but our teams continue to work hard to provide relief efforts within the city of Moore, Oklahoma. Teams on the ground are fulfilling two roles within the response: damage assessments and damage abatement.


The assessment teams travel house to house in the disaster zone, working with homeowners to identify damage. With information gathered by the assessment teams, numerous abatement (or strike) teams are dispatched to perform tasks including: roof tarping, debris removal, mold remediation, and home demolition. Last Friday alone our teams completed over 20 work orders, making it one of our most productive days since the start of the operation.

As of last Friday, our teams had conducted a total of 2,338 structure assessments. Of the structures affected, a total 345 work requests had been processed and field teams completed 145.

In the coming days, an additional 11 strike teams will be put together to help tackle the outstanding work requests.


We’re thankful to be here, serving in Moore. Our sentiment is best summed up by one of our key volunteers on the ground, Aaron Cook. He writes:

“I decided to submit my application to Team Rubicon, with the hopes of being provided with the opportunity to help others. Needless to say, after eight deployments with the organization to numerous disasters, I continue to fulfill that desire! Not only am I assisting others in time of need, I am connecting with a unique group of individuals who have similar outlooks on life and would prefer to put others’ needs before themselves. I find these genuine personalities to be humbling and inviting to one’s self. This organization has given me more than I could ever give in return and I am grateful.”