Ron Perlman's 100K Homes PSA

Posted October 7, 2013

The 100,000 Homes Campaign has reached another milestone. Together, the 216 communities participating in the Campaign have now found permanent housing for more than 19,000 homeless veterans. That puts the Campaign just 1,000 veterans away from achieving its GY6 pledge to help communities find permanent housing for 20,000 homeless veterans by July of next year.

To push the team across the finish line, Ron Perlman (of Drive and Sons of Anarchy fame) recently recorded this powerful ad for the Campaign. The spot depicts the physical transformation that often takes place when a veteran escapes the streets for permanent housing. Faces fill out, hair gets cut, and eyes start to warm. The numbers depicted in the ad have nearly doubled since Perlman first recorded the voiceover, underscoring the energy of the Campaign and the exciting reality that ending veteran homelessness is truly possible.

To learn more about the Campaign, visit 100K homes.