Our first ever Got Your 6 Storytellers

Posted November 4, 2013

To commemorate Veterans Day weekend, we are introducing the inaugural Got Your 6 Storytellers program in the heart of New York City. This innovative event, taking place on the morning of Friday, November 8th, will highlight military veterans now making an impact in the civilian world. Each speaker will give a presentation intended to capture the attention of the audience. These outstanding individuals each offer a significant level of depth and clarity around a singular issue, including topics as diverse as: education, public policy, technology, international development, disaster relief, renewable energy, and business leadership.

The presentations will be live-streamed and recorded for continual re-broadcast on the Got Your 6 website and select media outlets, and we would like to encourage all of you to watch the speakers live or over the weekend as a special way to learn more about how veterans are changing the national landscape.

Please visit our Storytellers page for a complete list of speakers, as well as their presentation topics and bios. There is no greater way to honor our veterans than to challenge them to succeed in the future…come get inspired by those who are doing just that—with Got Your 6 Storytellers.