How to honor Veterans Day?

Posted November 11, 2013

It seems that Veterans Day has been more prominent in the consciousness of Americans over the past few years. This phenomenon makes sense as our nation reflects on prolonged combat conflicts and their effect on millions of people. Images of war are fresh in our minds. We hear about casualty reports, incidents, and outcomes in the Middle East. For a little while longer, at least, we are a country at war.

However, with changes to our military and international policies underway, this acute level of recognition in the minds of everyday Americans will not last forever.

The next few years are critical. We need to imprint upon the collective conscious of the country the true value, meaning, and cost of military service. We often hear that the quality and character of an all-volunteer military force is directly impacted by the previous generation’s treatment of their veterans. If we act now to ensure veterans and their families are empowered and expected to thrive beyond their time in uniform, we can simultaneously enable those who served to succeed while advancing the future security of our nation.

Got Your 6 is challenging its supporters to “seize the day”—specifically Veterans Day. It is more than a remembrance of those who have served, it is a promise to the future veterans of our country that they will always be seen as an integral component of the national landscape. Along with that honor comes the challenge to be more and to do more, such that future veterans and military families will know that this is the expectation from their community. They have the skills to lead as parents and teachers, friends and mentors, supervisors and employees, advocates and legislators, entrepreneurs and thinkers.

Today we honor veterans by challenging them to lead us into the future. The world is changing quickly—advanced technology makes for both a smaller world and a larger potential threat to American prominence. Many of our preconceived notions and beliefs in this life are falling by the wayside. We cannot afford a future in which veterans are left behind, too.