Get inspired with Got Your 6 Storytellers

Posted November 18, 2013

A week after the first Got Your 6 Storytellers event, feedback from our partners and supporters is overwhelmingly positive. On Friday, November 8th, our nine veteran storytellers took the stage at Google in New York in front of a live audience. Each Storyteller gave insightful talks in their areas of expertise. While thousands of viewers watched the event on the Got Your 6 website, over 120 people had the chance to come to Google in person, meet the speakers, and mingle with other attendees interested in changing the conversation around veterans and bridging the civilian-military divide.

Speakers moved between military service experiences and current projects and goals in the civilian sector. The subjects were as diverse as reducing poverty in Africa, enhancing green energy initiatives, and refreshing the collaborative atmosphere of Congress. The live audience was fully engaged, providing questions during the two Q&A panels. Our panel moderators—TIME magazine’s Joe Klein and former U.S. Congressmen Patrick Murphy—discussed a variety of topics that further explored the backgrounds the veteran storyteller .

As Veterans Day celebrations fade, Got Your 6 hopes to carry the momentum from this special event into 2014. Storytellers will be a foundation of our campaign shift the paradigm toward empowering veterans. Don’t simply say “thank you”, but challenge veterans to continue their records of excellence beyond the uniform.

Please visit our Storytellers Page to get inspired, and then to get involved.