Blue Star Families Launches the Blue Star Spouse Networks

Posted January 15, 2013

Written By: Molly Blake, Blue Star Families

I love a good viral article or video.  Recently a mom posted some rules about her son’s iPhone usage and it was all over Facebook and Twitter.  And Blue Star Families had their own viral buzz this month.  With help from Hiring our Heroes, we launched the Blue Star Spouse Networks and literally within minutes of opening up the three Facebook pages, the requests started rolling in.  Graphic designers, teachers, photographers, chefs and marketing folks joined the groups. People from Germany, Florida, Arizona and Alaska jumped into a conversation about spouse licensure for teachers.  A group of nurses began a discussion about how to best transfer a nursing certificate and some entrepreneurs are planning to meet up on the east coast in a few days.

We were bowled over … but perhaps we shouldn’t have been that surprised. Military spouses are wildly enthusiastic about their careers – and the spouse networks are aimed at three of the most popular careers for milspouses:  education, health care, and entrepreneurialism.  We chose Facebook so that the groups can grow organically and allow leaders to shine through naturally.  The networks will serve as a “meeting” place for spouses to network, seek some advice, mentoring partner or simply a place to toot their own horn.

Blue Star Educators  This group is open to teachers, counselors, social workers and all educational professionals.

Blue Star Health Care Professionals  This group is open to all military spouse health care and mental health care professionals.

Blue Star Entrepreneurs  This group is open to all military spouse business owners and those looking to start their own businesses

Join the Blue Star Spouse Networks today, harness the power of your own community and advocate for the Military Spouse Professional and their future.