Actions Speak Louder than Words. Don't Just thank, Vote!

Posted October 17, 2016 by Julia Tivald

Ever wondered how you could thank a veteran in a meaningful way? Get out and vote this November!

Despite the current political climate, it’s still true that most Americans agree on something: our veterans deserve respect and gratitude. But sometimes, people aren’t sure how to express that gratitude meaningfully.

Telling a veteran “thank you,” is a great start but, as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. So, this election season, we’re calling on all Americans to not just thank veterans with words, but to honor their service by voting.

Voting is our civic duty, protected by those who have served in the military. As Americans, we can thank our vets by uniting around a common goal of increasing participation in the democratic process. In the last Presidential election, only 57.5 percent of eligible voters exercised their right to vote. This year, we can and should do better.

By simply voting, you are honoring a right that veterans have served to protect. So this November, head to the polls to support something—anything!—that matters to you.

To inspire others to follow suit, consider rocking a “Don’t Just Thank, Vote” t-shirt between now and Election Day. All proceeds from t-shirt sales support Got Your 6’s work to empower veterans and strengthen communities.

See you at the polls!

Julia Tivald is the Director of Strategy at Got Your 6.